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The comments below are from a few of my clients. Please note that professional references can be provided upon request.

"Honest, to the point and gets it! "If it is logical it can be accomplished" said Mr. Chau, when throwing about many questions that I had for him. I was simply blown away that in a few days he had completed the tasks at hand, it was on my desktop, and it worked! Even more amazing was that my final invoice was 2/3 of what was quoted! From a simple fix, to a project started from scratch, it requires the Melvin Chau magic!"

Keith Edwards, President, Ian's Lawn & Landscape, Inc., Puyallup, WA

"Melvin is my genie in a bottle… he makes anything I ask for happen. He does all the work and I take the credit. Melvin is providing all my MS Word VBA programming."

Lyne Morgan, Medical Software Developer, Phoenix, AZ

"Melvin’s help has been invaluable to us – his expertise has provided us with new tools and solutions in Microsoft Access. Working and communicating long distance with Melvin over the Internet has been seamless and convenient. With Melvin’s assistance, we’ve made great strides forward in just a short period of time, and we expect Melvin to be a valuable resource as we move into the future."

Ed Carroll, Corporate Controller, Anderson Automotive Group, Raleigh, NC

"Melvin built a complex VBA-based product configurator on top of Excel for nTAG. His work was exceptional on many dimensions. He was tenacious and creative in figuring out ways to get VBA and Excel to provide exactly the application behavior that we were looking for; he is a master of these tools. Equally impressive was his work process, including his zero-hassle approach, his responsiveness during development, and his willingness to stick with it until every last item on the punch list was done. All that made it easy to work with Melvin, even though he is located on the other side of the country. We will certainly turn to Melvin for any future needs of this sort."

George Eberstadt, EVP and Co-Founder, nTAG Interactive, Boston, MA

"Through an internet search I found numerous firms that were listed as Microsoft database experts. After contacting and sharing my needs I found myself frustrated and concerned with their ability to deliver a product at a cost I believed reasonable. Also since I am not a programmer myself, I needed someone who I could communicate with that would be patient and responsive to my needs.

I went back online and searched one more time and found Melvin. Through a series of communications over a weekend I gained the confidence that he understood my data needs and budget. I sent him a file to review and within a week I had a completed database system including the conversion of existing data.

Additionally we have been able to work remotely, at off hours, all the time refining and the product with out any issues at all.”

Ron Lee, Executive Director, ReSource Commercial Flooring Network, LLC, Aurora, CO

"I was looking for a computer programmer to customize a detailed program for my business. I found Melvin and gave him a call. Within 2 weeks Melvin had my program built at an affordable price. The program has worked flawless and has been fully supported by Melvin every step of the way. I wouldn't think of going to anyone else. Thanks Melvin!"

Thomas Gallagher, Owner, Entertainment Mortgage, Los Angeles, CA

"Melvin created an Access database for our firm enabling us to track our affiliates by location and expertise. He provided a high quality product that was designed precisely to our specifications. Melvin always acted professionally and was very responsive to our requests."

Mark Katchen, Managing Principal, Phylmar Group, Westwood, CA

"As a boutique corporate advisory firm we required discretion in the handling of our data. Melvin not only custom built a powerful and easy to use database, he also did so in confidence. We were so pleased with Melvin’s work that we engaged him for a second project. As future needs arise Kensel & Co. will continue to use Melvin as a resource."

Brendon Kensel, Managing Partner, Kensel & Co., Newport Beach,, CA

"I found Melvin through an internet search as I needed someone to update our 20 year old dbase repair billing system with a Windows based Access system. I wanted to retain all the key elements of our old program and upgrade it so that it could work in a mobile platform with new Access forms.

Melvin visited our factory one time, saw our operation and discussed the entire requirement with me. Within days he had a thorough understanding of the requirement and began to come up with good, solid solutions. After only a few weeks we had a working model that we have been testing very successfully.

I am convinced that we will realize substantial savings over a long period of time in data input time, accuracy and reduced training. I would not hesitate to use Melvin again and plan on working with him in the future to continue to expand the system we have started."

Peter Looker, Vice President, Satco Inc., El Segundo, CA

"Melvin did an excellent job customizing an Access database that meet our company's need to manage information. He was very responsive and delivered the product in a timely manner. We are very pleased with the entire process and the results. I will not hesitate to use Melvin for the company's future software needs."

Amy Lee, Director of Operations, Professional Sports Agency, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

"I finally found a programmer who I could tell what my problem was and he understood it very quickly and programmed a fix. Thanks Melvin for your prompt attention to our needs. A real pleasure."

Michael Campbell, President, Six Point Productions, Palmdale, CA

"Melvin was very knowledgeable and personable. He'd be a good choice for any further Access database work for us in the future."

Joe Alvarez, Cellular Abroad, Playa Del Rey, CA

"Melvin did a first rate job in terms of fine tuning our Access database. His work was punctual and the rates are very reasonable."

Sebastian Harrison, President, Cellular Abroad, Playa Del Rey, CA

Our business is external vendor management for the financial trading industry. Melvin, working from a spec developed by us, did a great job in understanding and implementing some rather complex designs for our new management system. Our spec initially was 17 pages in length, and grew to over 65 pages during the course of the project. We worked successfully in a collaborative mode, with substantial enhancements to the project as we got into it. Melvin is very professional in his approach.

Craig Shumate, President, Clearnet, Randolph, NJ

I had been keeping statistics for polocrosse using my own Excel spreadsheet program, and was looking for someone to build an Access database system for all my statistics. I found Melvin Chau through an internet search, and he was willing to work on it. In the development stages he came up with good ideas that I hadn’t even thought of to make my program work better. He was able to come up with a very good database that is fast, compact, and easy to use. He was willing to work to try to understand this unique sport and work with my unique code to count and track 15 different events for all the players on both teams and calculate their statistics for all those events for every game. Then the program can run a report for all players for all their games in a tournament, for all players for all the tournaments in a particular year, and for all players for all time. The program also keeps track of all the games in a tournament, all the players and their positions in all games, all the horses in all games, all the umpires and their horses, and more. I knew this was not the type of information database builders were accustomed to working with, and other developers I had contacted weren’t willing to even attempt to work with it. Melvin was easy to work with and I was able to afford his fee on a pay-as-you-go system. He has also been quick to respond to bug fixes and make complicated modifications to the program.

Paul Johnson, Owner, The Cripple Gray Ranch, McDade, TX

"Melvin did an excellent job on an advanced Access implementation.

My interaction with Melvin started when I was looking for developers. The answers he provided during that process made it clear to me that he was highly competent in his field. His subsequent work would confirm this. His apparent abilities, combined with the competitive and transparent pricing, made it easy for me to select Melvin for the project.

The project involved the creation of a database and front-end GUI for an advanced statistical analysis software used in the semiconductor industry. To get started, Melvin provided the necessary initiative and depth of understanding to create the underlying database schema that was appropriate. The application required more than 60 tables, majority of which had relational connections to ensure data integrity. Where specifications required advanced relational connections between tables, Melvin implemented them as necessary in Visual Basic code. Most tables had 10+ fields, all of which had to conform to provided guidelines so that other applications could interact with the database. Melvin followed the directions closely, he also identified where the directions were faulty and communicated the appropriate changes.

Equally critical to the project was an effective design of the GUI (forms) that would facilitate data entry and viewing. In this process we had a smooth exchange of ideas and layouts that would meet requirements and would also allow a cost effective implementation. The interface had multiple interconnected screens, each one with several advanced controls to view and enter data. Again Melvin coded extensively in Visual Basic to provide the desired functionality.

In spite of the high complexity of this project we were able to do 95% of the communication through email, the rest through occasional phonecalls. I chose Melvin over developers local to me and I‘m glad to report that this presented no hindrance to a successful completion of this large and complicated project. Relative to the other MS Access based software tools my startup company uses, Melvin‘s implementation is the most cost effective so far."

Dadi Gudmundsson, President, Sensor Analytics, San Francisco, CA


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