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Access Consultant Custom Microsoft Access Database Design

What is a custom database? A custom database stores and analyzes data and generates real-time reports in accordance with your specific business logics, needs and requirements.

I am an Access consultant. I create custom Access databases that store and manipulate data for the ease and speed of search, retrieval, analysis, and report generation. Click here to see samples of my work. Your database will be developed according to your specific business needs and requirements, and therefore will integrate seamlessly with your infrastructure and processes. Some of the many benefits of a customized Access database include:

  • Organize products, projects and/or people effectively.
  • Facilitate data entry and retrieval, and display information orderly.
  • Sort and filter data, including or excluding certain words, numbers, or criteria.
  • Consolidate spreadsheets to link and centralize data, create data relationships, and avoid redundant data entry.
  • Generate dynamic, robust, real-time reports with graphs/charts to analyze business data and track work progress.
  • Validate data and check for errors automatically to maintain consistency and reduce mistakes.
  • Allow multiple users to work on the database simultaneously over the network without conflicts.
  • Eliminate papers and allow easy backup of important work or information, and much more...

A custom database can answer complex queries such as: “Which clients have been with my company between seven to ten years, bought more garden furniture than house appliances, and have an average annual purchase total over $8000?”

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